Thursday, December 27, 2007

Arugampul juice for diabetes

Purify Blood Cells
Daily in the early morning (with the empty stomach) take 10 numbers of tender (arugampul) grass. With that grass clean it in water and add 3 peppers in number and take juice from the grass. After filtering it, add 100 grams of curd preferably made out of cow’s milk with the filtered juice. Mix it and drink it in the empty stomach.
For three hours you should not take anything except water. Daily in the morning you keep this as a habit. After two to three days, you will feel that your body has become trim, hygienic and graceful with good complexion with blood getting purified gradually.
Yes because of glass juice (strictly arugampul only) the threethosham such as vatham, pitham and kabam in our blood gets controlled to the expected standard equilibrium level. The excess threedhosham goes out of our body by way of motion leaving the blood purified. You can feel the refined appearance in your face and body through mirror.
Though the grass does not act in two ways by doing the best for both blood and nerves just as Ragi, you can rely upon grass in case of blood purification through which you can shed your body overweight immediately from third day. The arugampul contains sufficient iron also. After one hour of taking the juice you can see your lips red, skin becoming silky soft. The unwanted things in blood go out through motion and hence body looses weight. You will get rid of the knee pain or bulging in knees.
To attain purified trim elegant body the tender grass (arugampul) juice with little pepper and cow’s curd to the empty stomach daily in the morning will give you the net results.
In western countries people who couldn’t shed their excess fat can try this simple remedy in an easy way. Do remember to take plenty of curd, buttermilk for the lunch and a cup of cow’s milk in the nights after supper.
There is no doubt in that. You will wonder about your own appearance within a week’s period and say thanks to god for the benefits bestowed even to trivial creations.


The Rock said...

Herbal Arugampul Juice Health Benefits

uma shankar said...

Does arugampul juice cure thyroid?

Nancy John said...

How many kg will I lose per month? I am 90 and want to lose 40 to be 50 if I follow this routine